Antibiotics in modern medicine came after 1940, although Alexander Fleming in 1928 came to a revolutionary discovery – found that penicillin kills staph bacteria. But even before antibiotics, people used natural antibiotics. And today, the excessive use of antibiotics has led bacteria and fungus to get stronger and resistant to the therapy.

natural antibiotics

Moreover, if we take pills such as penicillin, streptomycin, aureomycin and etc we damage our own intestinal flora. Most useful bacteria in our body are often most susceptible to antibiotics. After using antibiotics, our good gut bacteria is destroyed, which can cause further cause chronic inflammation of the gut. Since our intestinal flora that protects us from foreign invaders is destroyed, our immune defense drops, our body is less protected than before.

Because of these reasons, the medicine is finally recognizing natural antibiotics and introducing them more and more in a wider application.

Natural Medicine That Fight Against Bacteria And Fungi

Doctors give antibiotics for every little thing that we could treat differently, e.g. light infections or mild inflammation of the throat. And this becomes very dangerous. First, the body gets used to the antibiotics, and then the bacteria become resistant and insensitive, so these drugs are worthless.

Nevertheless, these ingredients can’t harm you, on the contrary, they will help your body fight the infections better.

  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Echinacea
  • Organic honey
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Onion extract
  • Garlic extract
  • Turmeric
  • Oregano essential oil
  • Ginger extract
  • Horseradish
  • Sauerkraut and fermented food
  • Echinacea
  • Black seed oil
  • Turmeric
  • Organic apple cider vinegar

To treat a particular condition, these things are typically presented as tinctures or supplements in the drug store. You should consult a pharmacist for the right dosage. However, you can eat consume these products every day and get the prevention you need.

Still, you should always seek a medical advice from your doctor if you have some questions for your health condition or your therapy. Don’t hesitate to do a checkup if something isn’t right, and don’t take the matter into your own hands because sometimes it can get serious.

Watch this interesting video down below and learn how superbugs are created.

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