Polished nails look so good; however, we shouldn’t constantly practice this habit. Using nail polish too often will make your nails yellow and they will lose their natural whiteness and become fragile. However, apart from these symptoms, nail polish can seriously impair our health.

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What Nail Polish Contains And How It Impacts Our Body

Toluene is a colorless flammable fluid with a pleasant smell. It is found in petroleum and coal and is obtained by extraction or distillation of gasoline or a dry distillation of coal.There are many side effects. Toulene is used to smooth and give pigment to the nail polish. Even with low exposure, an individual may feel symptoms such as fatigue, confusion, weakness, loss of memory, loss of appetite, hair loss, and failure of color recognition ability. Symptoms usually disappear when the person isn’t exposed to this ingredient.

Dibutyl phthalate makes the nail polish elastic, and more long-lasting. Many studies have shown that this ingredient can have negative effects on our health because it mimics the estrogen in our body and stimulates the growth of tumor cells.

Formaldehyde is also an ingredient that you can find in the nail polish. You can recognize it under formalin solution as well, which is also carcinogenic and can cause allergic reactions and it is not safe to use if you have asthma.

The Alternative 

Many cosmetics companies produce nail polish without these harmful ingredients. However, to be completely sure that you have avoided these ingredients in nail polishes, you should read the composition before buying them. After all your health is the most important thing. Search the 5- free tag which stands for no formaldehyde, residues of formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor.

The alternative to ordinary nail polish is the water-based lacquer that dries more difficult and is less durable but is easily removable with alcohol of vegetable origin derived from corn or by hand dipping in warm water.

Some manufacturers have designed water-based nail polish. It contains acrylic polymer emulsion and pigments that are similar to those used in the production of aqueous colors. Such products are more environmentally friendly as conventional nail polish is classified as hazardous waste.

Nevertheless, take a break of nail polishes every now and then. Leave your nails to breathe and return their shine and whiteness.

Reference: What you should know before you apply your nail polish
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