Muscle degeneration occurs when you start losing mass in your muscles ultimately becoming weaker and smaller. The older you get, the higher the rate at which your muscles degenerate. This happens because, with age, your body cells have a harder time renewing themselves.

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You can start experiencing muscle degeneration as early as at the age of 30!

If you don’t intervene, you could lose more than 3 kilograms of muscle every decade. Studies also show that after the age of 50, your body loses between 1.5 and 5 percent of muscle strength every year.

Impact Of Muscle Degeneration


  1. Muscle loss can lead to a decline in your metabolic function. Muscle mass is key for hormone and metabolic function, and it plays a major role in protecting you from the risk of getting diabetes, obesity and heart disease.
  2. If you don’t intervene on your muscle loss, it can lead to faster aging and heightened risk of chronic illnesses.
  3. One study revealed that participants with the highest muscle degeneration were more likely to fall as compared to those who had stronger muscles. This is because muscle loss makes your body frail and weak.
  4. Muscle loss can also lead to disability because it limits your ability to move. Simple movements such as climbing stairs, walking and doing housework can be made impossible when muscle degeneration is extensive.
  5. Research has shown that rheumatoid arthritis is closely linked to muscle degeneration.
  6. When muscle degeneration is extreme, it can increase mortality. One study showed that patients who had severe muscle degeneration had a lower chance of surviving a pancreatic surgery.
The Best Workout For Muscle Degeneration

The only way to reverse and slow down the process of muscle degeneration is by working out. So what’s the best workout?

A study conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic revealed that the best workout for dealing with muscle loss is HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). This involves doing a series of high intense exercises with short breaks in between. The study showed that the reason HIIT works is because it promotes healthier mitochondria in more numbers, ultimately leading to the production of more energy.

The workout is made up of 3 repeats of 10 exercises, each of which lasts 20 seconds. After each exercise, you should take a 10-second break. The exercises should be carried out as follows:

  1. X burpees- this exercise engages every muscle in the body and it’s also a great cardio workout.
  2. Flutter kick squats- these strengthen your lower body and they burn lots of calories in the process.
  3. Two jump jacks and four high knees. This targets your lower body and helps build endurance in your muscles and give your legs good shape.
  4. Evan burpees which are a variation of the burpees that works on your mid-region.
  5. Butt kickers
  6. Split jumps
  7. Up & out jacks
  8. Lunges (first 3, then 2, and 1)
  9. Curtsy jump lunges
  10. Static Squat

If you’re uncertain about how to do any of these exercises, this simple video will provide a list of instructions that can guide you.

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