Do you believe in rituals? Many people believe in them, and there are some who don’t. Anywho, it doesn’t hurt to try, in fact, some of the rituals may actually work. This particular charm supposes to bring money in your home. Of course, to have enough money you need to work, endeavor and progress.

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In this article, we will also show you how to attract and keep your money in the house, and thus a positive energy.

How To Make A Money Charm

Moreover, according to Feng-Shui, you need to keep order in the house and do not need to clutter corners and collect unnecessary things. You need to make room for new and beautiful things in your life.

The ancient symbol of success, wealth and good health is rice. In Asian cultures, rice represents prosperity, luck, good health, and love. Actually, this makes sense because rice is thrown at weddings so it can bring luck to the newlyweds.

For the following rice charm you will need:

  • a glass jar
  • a few coins
  • rice


First, place one layer of rice in the jar. Then, take the coins and place them into the jar. Once you’ve done that fill the rest of the jar with rice and close it. You can fill as many jars as you like. Place the jars at the back of closed doors anywhere in your house; this represents another way to keep your prosperity and wealth.

If you don’t have a glass jar, you can use any type of ceramic container, but you should avoid using plastic canisters. You can change the jars after one year, but it’s not mandatory.

We hope that the money charm brings you luck and fortune.

Reference: Rice Charm for Money: A Prosperity Ritual
Rice is a Symbol of Wealth