Yes, we all adore mashed potatoes, but now a top chef claims that we are preparing mashed potatoes in a completely wrong way. We all know how easy is to prepare mashed potatoes at home – we cook the potatoes, drain and mash them, then we add the milk, butter, salt and maybe eggs. We stir a bit and that’s it.

mashed potatoes

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Nothing difficult, right? But, that’s totally wrong, at least for Tyler Florence, a popular chef from the Food Network.

How To Make Perfect Mashed Potatoes Meal According To Tyler Florence

This cooking process doesn’t look like preparing potato puree. What I’m doing is the next – you’ll eventually add the milk and butter, right? So why would not we just do it in the first step and cook the potatoes in milk and butter? – says Florence and continues to explain his procedure.

First put the peeled, cold and sliced potatoes in the pan in which you previously poured milk. Then, add three tablespoons olive oil and butter, as well as a little bit of rosemary, garlic, sage, and thyme. Next, put the pan on the stove and cook it for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes become soft.

Once the potatoes are cooked mash them. Take a bowl and put a cullender in it drain the potatoes through it. At the bottom of the pan, remains the spicy milk in which you will add the previously drained and mashed potatoes. In the end, put the blend on the stove and mix it until they combine nicely. You will get the most delicious spicy potato puree you will ever taste – says this chef.

Tip: Don’t use the hand blender to mash your potatoes. The hand blender will, in fact, turn your potatoes into a sticky mass like glue, which is not pleasant for the eyes and it’s not tasty at all. We suggest to use a potato masher and squish your potatoes, they will have a better flavor and more natural texture.

Reference: Top chef reveals the real way to cook mashed potatoes