You should eat melon as much as you can. Why? There are three reasons for this. It is low on calories, it’s refreshing and is full of vitamins, which are necessary for the human organism. And, did you know that there isn’t a single opinion whether this food is a fruit or vegetable?


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We cannot imagine summer without watermelon and melon, which is not bad at all! Namely, they have powerful beneficial effects on digestion and the functioning of the liver, kidneys, heart and blood flow.

Here’s Why Melon Is Good In Summer
1. Weight Loss And Cleansing Of Toxins

Melons are low in calories and full of water. Also, they contain the vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, then potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Thus, in summer days, they are an excellent choice for breakfast.

If you eat 100 grams of this food, you only get 29 calories. Due to the cellulose that this fruit contains (yes, we decided to call it a fruit), it’s great at suppressing hunger, facilitates digestion and prevents bloating in the stomach. If you consume it on a daily basis, you will lose weight in a healthy way, and you will not be hungry. You can eat it as an addition to fruit salads or cocktails.

2. Refreshment And Energy Boost

Given the fact that this fruit is full of water, it’ll easily refresh you during summer heat and it’ll help you avoid the dehydration of the organism. Thus, you’ll be able to tolerate high temperatures easier. Additionally, thanks to the sugar it contains, melons will provide you the necessary energy to go through the day. Health experts advise to consume this fruit instead of energy drink, which are certainly not recommendable for your health.

3. Prevent And Treat Urinary Tract Inflammations

In the folk medicine, melon is used for refreshment, but also for the treatment of bile and urinary tract inflammations, and for digestive disorders. The chances for you to get a urinary infection during the summer are drastically higher, especially if you leave your wet swimming suit on. To avoid any complications, mix 2 teaspoons of finely milled melon seed, 2 teaspoons of cucumber seeds and 1 tablespoon of chopped cherries. Steep the mixture in 7.5 dl of boiling water, leaving it to stand for about 2 hours. Strain the liquid and drink 2.5 dl, three times a day before meals. Repeat the procedure for 5 consequential days.

4. Against Headaches

If you suffer from frequent headaches, try to reduce the problem with food, like melons. There are 66 milligrams of magnesium in only one melon, and its intake helps regulate the blood sugar levels. It’s especially recommendable to people who have problems with low levels of sugar.

5. Better Vision And Stronger Bones

Just like carrots, melons have orange-yellowish color, which is due to the vitamin A. There are about 40 grams of the recommended daily amount of this vitamin in only 1 cup of chopped melon. Thus, it’s very important for good vision and bone growth.

6. Better Digestion And Normalized Blood Pressure

Melons contain natural fibers, which are very beneficial for the cleansing process of the human body. They help clean the organism of harmful substances and are the right treatment for stomach bloating.

The potassium it contains (300 milligrams in 100 grams of melon) helps the human body get rid of the excess sodium, which in turn helps regulate the blood pressure levels. Of course, in order to achieve these effects, you should eat melons regularly.

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