The symptoms of magnesium deficiency are very common nowadays, making them invisible to people who aren’t looking. But, the truth is that this ingredient may the only thing that can save a person from a sudden cardiac arrest. Also, it can help in resolving the problems with uncontrolled arrhythmia.

magnesium deficiency
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Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency

Common symptoms that can show you if you’re low in magnesium are:

– Muscle cramps, spasms, weakness and tremors
– Chronic fatigue
– Headaches
– Problems with memory and clear thinking, confusion, inability to learn new things
– Problems sleeping
– Loss of appetite

Moderate to severe deficiency symptoms include:

– Increased heart rate
– Nausea and vomiting
– Numbness or tingling
– Hallucinations and changes in personality, as well as depression
– Low levels of calcium
– Heart attack

Magnesium Deficiency Can Actually Kill You

According to JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association), approximately half of the patients admitted to hospitals in 1990 had a severe magnesium deficiency. The study showed that the patients who had lowest magnesium levels were most likely to die from arrhythmia or heart attack.

Nutritionists advise that a person’s usual, average diet provides no more than 1/3 of the necessary daily magnesium intake. In addition, due to magnesium deficiency, people who struggle with diabetes are more likely to develop fatal complications. Some medical studies show that close to 77 percent of diabetics have very low levels of magnesium.

What you need to remember is that serum magnesium (simply called magnesium) and the magnesium in your heart cells (red blood cell magnesium) are different.

If the serum magnesium in your body is high, this does not necessarily mean that the RBC magnesium is high too. Sometimes, you can have high serum magnesium and low RBC magnesium, which can cause a heart attack. Thus, when doing a blood test, it’s mandatory for you to check both. Otherwise, the consequences may be deadly.

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