Cumin is a common spice used in the Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, adding nutty and peppery flavor to the dishes. Besides improving the food’s good taste, researches show that cumin can also accelerate excess weight loss, reduce body fat and lower harmful lipids in the blood.


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Adding about 3 grams of cumin powder daily to your weight loss diet can improve the success of the actual weight loss process and will lead to a reduced body mass index, decreased levels of bad cholesterol and lower levels of triglycerides.

How does this little spice do its magic one might ask. First, what’s worth mentioning here is that cumin has very few calories. There are only 8 calories in 1 tsp. (about 2 grams) of cumin, making it a low-risk flavor enhancer to your meals, if counting daily caloric intake. It is a natural metabolism booster due to its high iron contents and its strong spicy taste. Since iron is vital for your metabolism, adding more to your daily intake will not just increase your energy and boost your immune system, but will eventually help you burn more calories and lose weight easier.

Furthermore, cumin’s antioxidant properties and contents rich with phytosterols hamper the absorption of bad cholesterol in the digestive system and help lowering blood sugar levels, thus making the whole weight loss process easier and faster.

Mixing cumin in your diet is easy. You can add it as a seasoning to your roasted meats and veggies, or to your homemade hummus. It makes a great addition to yogurt, soups, stews, barbecue and taco seasonings, salad dips or sandwich spreads. Just sprinkle some cumin powder over a healthy snack of nuts or add cumin seeds into the mixture when making baked oat crackers. Or simply prep a warming beverage by pouring some boiling water over 1 tsp. of cumin seeds, leaving it for 10 minutes before drinking.

Just make sure to get no less than 3 grams of cumin daily if you want to see results! Share some ideas and recipes below of how you combine cumin in your meals.