In the summer the simplest and most respectable hairstyle is the ponytail. However, the problem is that this hairstyle is best suited, for women with long and lush hair. If you don’t have thick and lush hair, it does not mean that you have to give up the ponytail because there is a great trick for you too.

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How To Make Thick And Longer Ponytail Without Any Extensions

Hair extensions are expensive and they can significantly damage and thin your natural hair. For example, if your hairdresser puts too many strands on your hair or if you don’t take care of them properly, they can cause hair loss or breakage.

The place where the extension is glued to the natural hair strand will remain damaged, and the hair strand often breaks off. Anyone who decides to put on permanent extensions must be aware that hair recovery after removing the extensions is very long and slow.

In order to avoid all this trouble we suggest to try this hair trick.

The trick is in the special way of tying the ponytail. You need to split the hair, and attach the upper part with the rubber. Then, you should do the same with the lower part of your hair. Once you’ve done that secure the upper section with bobby pins. Afterwards, just connect the two ponytails in one and brush your hair so they can blend into one. This hair trick gives you the density and volume, and it’s totally imperceptible. It will visually make your hair longer.

You can wear it on your side or in the back, whatever works for you better. And that’s it, the simple ponytail hair trick that requires only 2 minutes.

For more info on the technique watch the video down below:

Reference: Longer Ponytail in 2 Minutes