For many people, one of the best snacks that pairs well with beer and movies are pumpkin seeds. But, these seeds are much more than just a snack. Here we show you how healthy these famous “nibblings” are.

pumpkin seeds

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Pumpkin seeds contain ingredients that can effectively battle cancer cells, and are excellent for people who struggle with bad mood and depression.

How Healthy Pumpkin Seeds Are Exactly?

The answer to this question is: VERY.

First, these seeds contain zinc, a microelement that is particularly important for man’s health. In addition, they are rich in vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. Then, they are a very good source of minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, and iron.

Pumpkin seeds are rich in amino acids, such as tryptophan, which converts into serotonin in the human body and promotes good sleep. Thus, before you go to bed, eat a handful of these seeds, to get a good night’s sleep.

In addition, due to the magnesium they contain, they will help relax your muscles and body. On the other hand, magnesium is of great importance for the health of the heart.

This is the perfect snack for you during the day, because they are easy to digest and are rich in healthy proteins. In addition, they help stabilize the blood sugar levels and consequently, aid weight loss.

Did you know that pumpkin seeds are useful in the fight against different types of cancer and that they act anti-inflammatory? Namely, a study done in Germany has shown that menopausal women who ate pumpkin seeds on a daily base lowered their risk of breast cancer by 23 percent.

The pumpkin seed oil is effective and useful when used for enlarged prostate. It contains phytochemicals and antioxidants that fight the free radicals in the human body, and therefore, prevent the formation of cancer cells. Also, it’s believed that the phytosterol component can help lower elevated cholesterol.


In order to enter all the nutrients of these seeds in your body, it would be best if you eat them raw, or slightly baked in the oven.

If you decide to bake them, don’t do it at a temperature higher than 170⁰ C, and more than 15-20 minutes. You can add a little bit of salt, to taste. Enjoy!

These seeds are a great addition to salads, soups and stewed vegetables. You can also use them as a replacement to pine nuts in pesto sauce, which are quite difficult to find on the market.  However, don’t exaggerate with their consumption, as they are caloric (one cup contains 285 calories).

Pumpkin seeds
9 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds