Many people do not believe in positive and negative energy, neither do understand how these energies may affect the health and quality of life. It is true that negative energy can badly influence the well-being and health of people, prosperity and relationships with others. It is therefore important everyone to understand the powers of these energies and their impact on life.


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Although we have been taught to always rationalize and explain things, to believe only in what we’re seeing and understanding, the influence of negative and positive thinking is very powerful and can fully transform the way we live.

If you strive to improve the quality of your life and health, start introducing positive thinking and energy in your home and life from this very moment. This article shows you ways of how you can accomplish this very thing. These in fact are very simple tricks, which eventually will help you fill and freshen your home with positive thinking and energy. And all you need to do is get several fresh limes. Nothing else.

Limes are very beneficial for the overall human health and can help treat many conditions, for which you’re probably already aware. But, did you know that they can be beneficial in regards to energy too? Limes can neutralize negative energy, reestablish harmony and encourage prosperity. So, this is how you should also start using them.

How To Use The Neutralizing Powers Of Limes

You can use the neutralizing powers of limes in several ways.

The easiest way is to put limes all over the house, 3 in each different room, and change them as soon as they turn yellow, or sometimes black. Just, before you put them in the rooms, make sure to cut the limes cross-like on the top, in order the release aroma. Put them in a bowl and find the best corners.

You can also put this bowl with limes on the nightstand, next to your bed. It will attract positive, as well as love energy. Replace the limes as soon as they turn yellow or black.

Mix some lime juice and water, and put it in a spray bottle. Use the mixture to sprinkle all over the house, focusing on the corners. This will neutralize the negative energy and fill the house with a wonderful aroma and positive energy.

Repeat each of these methods 3 days in a row and see how much better you will feel. Before you even realize, the stress and negative thinking will be gone and you’ll feel much more relaxed.