Many men complain of the Old Spice deodorant Pure Sport High Endurance. Namely, they claim that it damages the skin of the armpits, causing rashes and burns. There’s even been a lawsuit filed against Procter & Gamble, asking for a damage compensation of more than 5 million dollars.

Old Spice

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Can Old Spice Deodorant Cause Skin Burns And Rashes?

Many youtubers have documented their negative experience with the Old Spice deodorant. They’ve posted numerous videos of irritated armpits, covered with chemical burns and rashes.

The lawsuit filed against Procter & Gamble lists 13 products of this brand as defective, backing this up with several hundreds of complaints about these products, posted online.

The warning for the general population is that the use of these products exposes the consumers at risk of damaging their skin, accompanied with side effects that can be more dangerous than expected.

While the public is complaining about the Old Spice deodorants, Procter & Gamble continues to sell them. The company says that their products are safe to use just as any other deodorant. They report that there are millions of men all over the world using these products, without any incidence. However, a small number of people may experience some irritations, due to their sensitivity to alcohol. And alcohol is an ingredient commonly used in the production of deodorants. People, who experience adverse reactions to alcohol, should use alcohol-free products. Perhaps antiperspirants are a better option.

However, according to the National Center for Biotechnology, funded by the US Government, most antiperspirants and deodorants contain substances that have the potential to irritate sensitive skin and cause allergic and adverse reactions.

Natural Deodorants For Sensitive Skin

For people with sensitive skin, natural products are the best solution. Here’s a list of 7 natural deodorants:

  1. Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Stick, available in two fragrances, Lemon Eucalyptus and Lavender Bergamot
  2. Erbaviva Lemon Sage Organic Deodorant
  3. Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose holi (Rose) N°4 deodorant
  4. The takesumi detox deodorant, in lime mint
  5. Lulu Organics’ all-natural cream deodorant
  6. Violets are blue deodorant, all-natural, aluminum-free
  7. Schmidt’s stick deodorant, fragrance-free

For more details on the Old Spice complaints, watch the following video.

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