Do you feel stressed lately? Do you experience tension in your muscles? Is your entire body in pain? If the answer is yes, don’t worry. We can help you overcome this problem with a very simple solution – kinesiology.


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Kinesiology is a science that deals with the connection between the mind and the muscles. There are some very simple exercises, developed according to the principles of this science, which can help you calm down and solve stress, pain and tension.

7 Kinesiology Exercises To Relive Stress, Tension, And Pain
Exercise No. 1

Sit on the ground, straighten your back and expand your chest. Close your eyes and lift your hands, as if you were praying. Relax and stay in this position for a few minutes. This exercise will release your body of tension.

Exercise No. 2

This kinesiology exercise will help you relieve stress and improve circulation. Put one hand on your forehead, and the other one on your neck. Hold this position for a few minutes and breathe deeply.

Exercise No. 3

This exercise is good for concentration and relaxation. Stretch one of your hands and lean your head on your shoulder. Hold this position for a few minutes. Then, do the same with your other hand.

Exercise No. 4

This type of exercise is good for neck pain, especially if you have been sitting in an irregular position for a long time. Stand up, straighten up, and lower your head to the chest, so that your chin is pointing down. Then, slowly lift your head. Repeat the movement several times.

Exercise No. 5

If you have problems with coordination, then this is the right exercise for you. Put your left hand on your nose and your right hand on your right ear. Then, lower your hands to the stomach and clap. Repeat several times with alternating hands.

Exercise No. 6

This exercise is good for brain health. Take a piece of paper and two pens, one for each hand. Write or draw on the piece of paper with both of your hands, at the same time.

Exercise No. 7

Stretch your hands, put them one over the other, and hold them firmly. Hold that position for a couple of seconds, and then bring your hands towards your chest. Hold this position a little bit and breathe deeply. Repeat this exercise several times.

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