Today, you will find a kettle in almost every household. The modern lifestyle also requires instant coffee and tea, and there is not a better solution than to use a kettle that will provide you with boiling water for a time less than a minute.


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And just because it’s so fast, we often turn it on, forget about it, let say half an hour ago. Nothing terrible, we re-engage it, we wait for the water to boil once again and make the desired drink. And here we make a big mistake.

Why You Shouldn’t Re-Boil The Water In The Kettle

Namely, experts say that water that boils twice releases arsenic, nitrate, and fluorine, and all oxygen and nitrogen are lost. It is always advisable to boil the water only once because this process removes the harmful substances from it. But when you boil it one more time, its chemical composition changes and the healthy minerals become harmful.

Moreover, increased arsenic consumption can lead to cancer, heart and neurological illness and infertility. A greater amount of nitrate is extremely carcinogenic and fluoride causes neurological problems.

Therefore, experts say, if you have forgotten that the water was boiled once already, throw it away and pour a new cup of water.

The same rule applies for cooked tea. The spokesmen of the Tea and Infusions Association William Gorman explains why you should never re boil tea: When the tea becomes cold, most people turn on the kettle and reheat the tea so they can get another cup of it. This is a mistake. When you reheat the tea you change the flavor of it which becomes dull and tasteless. You should pour fresh water for a good cup of tea as reheating it reduces the nitrogen and oxygen in it.

According to the above-mentioned Tea and infusions Association William Gorman, it’s better to put the tea in a microwave and heat it for 15 minutes. When you use the microwave to reheat a cold cup of tea it will change neither its flavor nor its structure, and that’s great.