Nowadays, most of the population owns a mobile phone. Wherever we go, we carry them. Whether we go out, go to bed, or go to the toilet, it doesn’t matter. Our mobiles come with us!

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At the Columbia Medical Center, the scientists got curious to find out how dirty and contaminated our mobiles really are. They wanted to know if there are single pathogenic bacteria, colonies, or diseases on them. So, they took a total of 38 samples, of 19 different mobile phones, in order to analyze the bacteria.

You won’t believe the different types of bacteria they found on the mobiles! And some of them, are associated with feces!

The Type Of Bacteria That Live On Your Mobile Phone

So, out of 38 samples, 34 were contaminated with bacteria. 17 had an environmental contamination, containing bacillus. 4 had bacteria usually associated with stool and feces – Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumonia. And 3 had MRSA and MSSA, which are potential pathogens.

Even though these results come from a selective, small group of people within one office, they support the fact that cleaning the mobile phones regularly is a good idea!

Watch the video below for more details.