Gastric acid is crucial to human digestion. When our body is under stress, the production of gastric acid is reduced and therefore, the functioning of the entire digestive system can be impaired. A cup of warm water, infused with a slice of lemon and chopped ginger, can solve this problem!


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A warm water combined with lemon and chopped ginger, or ginger tea, is a great way to stimulate and improve digestion. Ginger is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components called gingerols, which help remove the harmful chemicals and toxins produced by our bodies when we are under stress and worried. It also stimulates the taste buds, activating digestive secretions. With all these combined, ginger also contributes to reducing the psychological stress. Some say that even a hint of ginger can lift up your mood and banish negative feelings.

Ginger tea preparation                 
Wash and peel a piece of ginger root, the size of a thumb. Grate or chop the root into slices half a centimeter thick, top them with a half a liter of boiling water and leave the prepared brew to stand for about 20 minutes. Once cool, strain the liquid to remove all the ginger particles, and add a slice of lemon. Drink a cup of this prepared tea once or twice a day, before meals.

All in all, the benefits of consuming ginger tea are many.

Drinking a cup of ginger tea before hitting the road will calm down the headaches and dizziness if suffering from motion sickness. It will ease down stomach discomfort and will promote good digestion and food absorption.

Furthermore, ginger tea is great for treating joint inflammation and stiffness. Besides drinking it, you can apply a soaked cloth on the affected knee or arm and feel the easing effects of the ginger.

When suffering from common cold or cough, consuming ginger tea is highly recommendable. In fact, ginger tea combats respiratory problems in general and helps keep them at bay. Its antioxidant properties strengthen the immune system, encourage blood flow and can help put fever down.

Another beneficial use of the ginger tea is for relieving menstrual discomfort and pains. All you need to do is place a hot towel drenched in a ginger tea over the stomach area.

Ginger tea contributes to restoring your organism’s balance and normal functioning, which in turn will improve your mood and will relieve the stress for sure. All you need is just a sip or two, sometimes more, of this incredible drink.