We can all agree that cold feet are one of the most uncomfortable feelings, especially if it happens at night, when you’re off to bed. There are many different reasons and factors why you have cold feet. One of the most common reasons is your socks. Namely, if you don’t wear proper socks, your feet will be cold.

cold feet

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Other, more serious reasons of this uncomfortable condition, are: poor circulation, anemia, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, stress and so on. Hence, if you notice any other symptoms, associated with these diseases, visit your doctor immediately for a consultation and a checkup.

How To Warm Your Cold Feet With A Massage

The best way to solve this problem is if you give yourself a good foot massage. During the massage, you can use some sort of a foot cream or oil. For example, you can prep a massage oil by yourself, by mixing a little bit of coconut oil with a drop of your favorite essential oil. Our recommendation is to try massaging your feet with lavender essential oil.

Get a little bit of oil and rub it with the palms of your hands, to warm it up. Then, gently massage your feet for about 5 minutes, before going to bed. This massage will improve your circulation, and it will help you get rid of the unpleasant feeling of cold feet while you sleep. Also, it will relax not only your feet, but your entire body. Can you imagine how much better you’ll sleep when you’ll get that satisfying feeling of warm feet? It’ll be as if you walk on air, among clouds of pleasant dreams.

Here’s an extra advice: try to relax as much as possible. Be less anxious and stressed, as these negative feelings can also cause cold feet and leave you sleep deprived.

Our recommendation: Massage your feet with lavender essential oil, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and relax. This is how you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep during the cold, winter nights.