Baking soda and castor oil make a natural remedy that has many positive effects on the human health. Thus, the holistic medicine often recommends its use, to treat diseases that are generally resistant to traditional medicinal therapies.

baking soda

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Baking Soda And Castor Oil As A Natural Remedy

1. Relieve allergies by consuming 5 drops of this natural remedy, every morning.

2. Rub your skin with the mixture to help wounds, cuts and bruises heal faster.

3. Prevent stretch marks by rubbing your belly with baking soda and castor oil in the last two months of pregnancy.

4. Wrap an injured joint with the mixture, to help it heal faster. Leave it overnight to do its magic.

5. Rub pilonidal cysts with this mixture, to make them disappear.

6. Lighten the dark spots on your skin by rubbing them with this mixture.

7. To relieve eye allergies, rub the mixture on your eyelids before bedtime. Wash your eyes with water before you fall asleep.

8. Make a poultice of baking soda and castor oil, and apply it on your back to relieve the pain.

9. Use the same poultice on your stomach, to relieve chronic diarrhea.

10. Position the poultice on your belly, to treat hyperactivity.

11. Apply the poultice on your neck area for about 3 months, to treat abnormal voice changes.

12. Consume 8 drops of this mixture for 30 consequential days, to treat tinnitus.

13. Apply baking soda and castor oil mixture on your warts, and they’ll disappear within a month.

14. This mixture will speed up your recovery from hepatitis.

15. Daily use of this mixture will help you get rid of nail fungi.

16. Stimulate hair growth by massaging your scalp with the mixture before shampooing.

17. Get rid of calcium deposits by massaging your soles with the mixture on a daily basis.

18. Use this mixture for 2 weeks, to stop snoring.

19. Rub your skin with baking soda and castor oil, to relieve insect bites.

20. Some people say that it’s also effective in treating melanoma.

How To Make Baking Soda And Castor Oil Poultice

You will need the following:

– Clean gauze
– Plastic foil
– Hot water bottle
– Cotton towel
– Cold-pressed castor oil
– Baking soda

Before and after use, wash your skin with water.

Apply a little bit of baking soda on the critical area and wrap it with the gauze, previously soaked in castor oil. Cover it with plastic foil, place the hot water bottle, and then wrap it with the cotton towel. Hold for an hour. During this time, relax and stand still.

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