Anyone who has experienced vertigo knows how hard it can be. Especially if it happens when you least expect it.


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Several different conditions, related to the underlying problems in the ears, brain and sensory nerves, can cause dizziness. This can also happen to you at a very high altitude, when you happen to look down.

Vertigo is a common problem that can be difficult to overcome. But, Dr. Carol A. Foster developed a technique, known as the half somersault maneuver, that can help you treat dizziness.

How To Treat Vertigo

According to the comments on YouTube, the half somersault maneuver has helped thousands of people around the world. And, it’s not only effective, but it’s also very simple to perform.

Before you start with the maneuver, you need to know which of your ears is causing your dizziness. It’s very simple to determine this. Lie down and roll to the left, to see if you feel dizzy. Do the same on the right side. If you feel dizzy rolling on both sides, then you need to treat them both. If only one side is causing vertigo, then you should treat only that side.

Now, let’s move on to Dr. Foster’s maneuver.

Get on your knees and move your head upwards, towards the ceiling. Stay in this position for a few seconds, until the spinning stops.

Then, bent forward, moving your head towards the ground, slightly close to your knees. While you hold this position, turn your head to the right (if you want to treat the right ear) or to the left (if you want to treat your left ear). Wait for the dizziness to calm down, to count up to 30.

Hold the same position with your head (turned to right or left) and lift up your body. Wait until the vertigo stops.

Sometimes, it may take up to 5 repetitions for the dizziness to stop completely. But, be careful and wait for 15 minutes between each repetition.

Watch the video below for more details.

Vertigo Treatment – How To Treat Vertigo
Half Somersault Maneuver