During the hot summer days, many people have problems with swollen feet. The heat, especially in combination with excess weight, but also with too much standing or sitting, gives the feeling of weight and swelling in the legs. Does this sound familiar?

swollen feet

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Fortunately, we have the perfect home remedy for this problem, which is already sitting in your fridge.

Besides using it as an essential ingredient in the kitchen, to prepare various dishes and salads, cabbage is an incredible natural remedy. This vegetable is rich in vitamins C and K, and potassium. Also, it contains antioxidants like choline, beta-carotene, indole, sulforaphane, zeaxanthin and lutein; then flavonoids and kaempferol, quercetin and apigenin.

When it comes to red and green cabbage, the red one has a higher amount of medicinal ingredients. This should make it easier for you to pick, when you have a choice. And, apart from keeping our health from within, cabbage has also proved to be very effective externally, when used as a compress.

Now, let’s get back to treating swollen feet. If you have determined that the cause of your problem is not some internal trigger of health nature, then you can use the help of cabbage. Here’s what you need to do.

How To Use Cabbage Leaves For Swollen Feet

Take a couple of cabbage leaves and tenderize them with a pestle for meat, so they can release their juice. Then, put them in the freezer for a half an hour to an hour.

Next, use the leaves to make compresses, which you will place on your swollen feet, or any other swollen places. Secure them with a gauze or cotton cloth, and leave them for an hour.

Important Note: If you have an open wound on your legs, do not place cabbage on it. Or, if you have sensitive skin, first apply some body cream and then place the cabbage compress.

You can also use this remedy to relieve joint pain.

How to Apply Raw Cabbage Leaves for the Relief of Joint Pain
Wrap your feet in cabbage and see the surprising results!