For thousands of years people used garlic for its nutrition and medicinal properties. Nowadays, this pungent and strong-smelling bulb is known and used as a medicinal plant all over the world. Namely, garlic is considered as one of the most effective natural remedies, that helps eliminate intestinal parasites, facilitates breathing problems and eases indigestion. But, did you know that it can also help you disinfect the air in your home? That it’s very effective in purifying the indoor air of viruses?

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Disinfect The Indoor Air With This Simple And Natural Method

The garlic’s broad spectrum of activities is attributed to more than 200 biologically active compounds. For instance, the sulfur compounds in the essential oil give this plant its characteristic, unpleasant odor. But, without them, the garlic has no healing properties. Among the other ingredients it contains, we can find calcium, phosphorous, selenium, and a fairly large amount of vitamin B and C, and proteins.

Garlic is the most effective natural remedy against streptococci, typhoid fever, and various fungi and viruses. Also, it has antibiotic properties, helping the fight against respiratory infections, fever, flu, ear infections, inflammation of the mouth and so on.

For the sake of our health, health experts recommend raw garlic consumption and in the form of various preparations, full of valuable nutrients from this plant. What’s great about the garlic preparations is that they don’t leave any unpleasant smell behind.

How To Use Garlic As An Air Purifier

To purify the indoor air, all you need is a garlic bulb with stem. Take the bulb and carefully remove the cloves, not destroying their shell. Take the stem and shell, put them in a ceramic ashtray and light up the end of the stem. Leave it to burn.

The smoke coming from the garlic shells is not very pleasant, but it’s very useful for purifying the indoor air of viruses and for the prevention of diseases of the throat, nose and lungs.

Precaution: Be careful not to put the ashtray with garlic shells near anything flammable.

How To Stay Healthy  In The Season Of Colds And Flu

There’s another way to purify the indoor air of viruses, much safer than the previous one. Here’s what you need to do.

First, buy a pound of garlic from the market. Then, allocate the bulbs in several containers and put them in the rooms where you spend the most of your time. The garlic will ‘absorb’ all viruses and bacteria, and it will help you stay healthy throughout all winter!

After a while, throw them the garlic in the trash. Do not eat it!