Many people consume “bad salt”, which lacks many natural minerals. But, do you know that there’s salt that’s good for our health? This is in fact raw salt, often called “unrefined”. This unrefined salt has all that it takes for the human body to start the process of detoxification and digestion. Thus, some people ingest it in the form of solé water. Read the article below, to learn more.

solé water

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The benefits of unrefined salt are countless. The same goes for water. But, even though the water itself is useful, when we drink it alone, it’s moving quickly through the body and we do not use its full potential. Here we show you how to implement both ingredients in your diet through solé water.

What’s Solé Water And How To Make One?

Solé water is a mixture made of water and natural, unrefined salt. It’s an infusion made of Himalayan salt, or any other salt, that is completely natural (not including table salt). The word solé origins from the Latin word sol, which means sun.

To make solé water, all you need to do is fill a quarter jar with unrefined salt (whichever you prefer), and then finish the filling with filtered water. Close the jar airtight, shake it and leave it to stand for 24 hours. After this, it’s ready for use.

Then, start with the consumption. Add half a teaspoon of solé water in a glass with water, and drink it before breakfast, for 7 consequential days, to detoxify your system.

Precaution: If you suffer from any kind of kidney disease, or if your blood pressure is high, consult your doctor whether is safe for you to consume this drink. The same goes for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

For more info on the subject, watch the video down below.

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