Honey is a gift of nature, used for the treatment of many health problems. From sore throat, to aiding weight loss, you name it, it can do it all! We all know what are the health benefits of honey, but there are only a few who know about the benefits of honey water. This is raw honey dissolved in water. This drink has long been used for the treatment of many different diseases and for cosmetic purposes, leaving the skin nourished, velvety, silky and soft.

honey water

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How To Make Honey Water, When To Drink It And For What

The consumption of this drink is recommendable for mornings and evenings. And, it’s best if you drink it freshly prepared, not stale. In addition, you can use it for cosmetic purposes. Thus, prepare this water right before consumption and drink it right away. Also, you can make a little bit more and use it to wash your face, after you remove the makeup.


For the preparation of honey water, you need one teaspoon of raw honey and a glass of lukewarm water. Dissolve the honey. This drink is a 30 percent solution of honey, with composition similar to the blood plasma. Also, it has been scientifically proven that the honey structures the water, increasing its medicinal properties. It is great to know that this water is completely and rapidly absorbed by the human body.

The Health Benefits Of Honey Water

This water helps normalize digestion, boosts immunity and it’s used in the treatment of colds and bronchitis. In addition, it purifies the body of toxins, aids weight loss and it boosts the energy levels.

For preventive purposes and as a course of treatment, consume this water every morning, on an empty stomach. Drink it at once, not sip by sip. Also, it’s good to drink it before you go to bed.

How to Make Honey Water
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