Many people interpret stroke as a brain attack. This life-threatening health condition can happen to anyone of us, at any time of our lives. During a stroke, the blood flow to the brain is cut off, leaving it with insufficient amounts of oxygen, which often leads to dead brain cells. Sometimes, in severe cases, it also causes death. Therefore, this situation requires an immediate medical attention!


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Stroke is the second cause of death in the world. Therefore, we bring you a very useful trick that can help you save a person’s life. What we describe below in this article is a traditional Chinese method, which has been used for many years. Chinese scientists say that it’s 100 percent effective and that it can really help a person survive a stroke.

Tips On How To Save A Person Who’s Just Had A Stroke

What’s really interesting is that keeping a needle at hand can save a person’s life. Even though this might seem weird to you, this amazing trick can really help a person survive a stroke. Hence, it would be good to know what to do with a needle, if the circumstances require. You can never know.

One of the most important things that you should know is that you mustn’t move the person who’s just had a stroke. Otherwise, the already distressed capillaries of the brain may be damaged. Next, take a medical needle. If you don’t happen to have one, an ordinary sewing needle will do the job. Just make sure to sterilize it before use. You can do this with rubbing alcohol, or by using fire to burn the needle. When the needle is sterilized, prick the skin on the tips of the fingers, on both hands. Just below the nails. Make sure that there’s a blood flow from each needle prick. If there’s no blood, tighten the skin and press harder, until blood starts to flow.

After you finish pricking all 10 fingers, and they all start to bleed, the affected person will start to slowly regain consciousness. Gently start massaging the patient’s ears, until they become red. This means that the blood circulation starts to improve.

Wait until the patient is stabilized. In the meantime, call an ambulance.

Do not force the patient to sit down, as this may reduce its blood pressure. It’s better to leave him/her lying, until the help arrives.