Aloe Vera is a wonderful plant, with tremendous contributions in the medical and cosmetics industries. Hence, in this article, we show you how to easily plant it in your home, and how to take advantage of its benefits.


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First, choose which type of Aloe Vera you want to grow. If you plan to use this plant for medical purposes, then it’s best to grow Aloe Barbadensis Miller.

How To Plant Aloe Vera At Your Home

Every part of the plant can be used for growing Aloe Vera, leaf cuttings, stem and seed. Use a planting method that suits you best.

Here we’ll show you how to grow it from leaf cuttings. Take a few leaves, cut them at an angle, close to the side which was connected to the stem. Find a warm place and leave the cuttings, to form a protective film, which will protect them from getting infected. Otherwise, they may quickly deteriorate and rot.

Even though this plant needs moisture for development, it doesn’t like to sit in water. Therefore, it’s very important to use a pot with holes at the bottom. Aloe Vera likes cactus soil – one part potting compost, and one part sand. Also, at the bottom of the pot, put a layer of gravel, so that the excess water can drain faster. Make sure the soil is from 6.0 to 8.0 pH value. To accomplish this, you can add some agricultural lime, which is easily found in every agricultural shop.

Dip the cut-side of the leaves in some cinnamon powder, to destroy any bacteria, and then stick it in the soil. About one third of the leaf cuttings should be in the soil. Plant as many leaves as you want, depending on how many plants you want to have in the end. Or, you may only try with one at first.

Growing The Plant

The first 30 days, keep the soil moist, so that the leaf can transplant and form. Then, wait for the soil to dry completely, and then water it. Since Aloe Vera does not tolerate a lot of moisture, do not water it more than once a week, with relatively small amounts of water. Keep the pot on a sunny and warm place.

During winter, it’s good to put the plant in your home, next to any window, where it’ll have access to sunlight and where’s it’s not very warm. Reduce the watering to no more than once a month, because the plant is in a resting state.

If you keep the Aloe Vera in a heated area, there’s a possibility that it won’t thrive very well. If you notice that the place is not suitable for the plant, change the location, put it in a hallway, or some other cooler area.

When Can You Take Advantage Of Its Healing Properties

The miraculous healing gel appears in plants older than two years. Hence, don’t pluck the leaves until this period passes. Otherwise, there won’t be any juice nor gel for you to use.

After two years, you can pluck the leaves and use its gel. The plant will rapidly recover and it will progress well, even if you pluck its leaves. Learn more about the healing properties of Aloe Vera and how it works its wonders.