We have good news! Now you don’t have to buy new furniture whenever you damage your current one. Namely, it’s very easy to fix the small dents on your wooden furniture and floor, without wasting any money on expensive repairs. You just need to know how!


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The dents on your furniture can ruin the interior design of your home. Sometimes, they can be a huge problem, as they are very noticeable and can even deform the furniture.

But, you don’t have to worry anymore, as we have the right solution for your problem. No matter where the dents occur, we provide you a very simple and inexpensive fix. And all you need is an iron and a glass of water.

No, this is not a joke! Continue reading, and we’ll show you how ingenious this simple technique is. You can even use it to repair the biggest dents of your wooden furniture and floor, made under the impact of fallen heavy objects or tools. Plus, you can use it on both, old and new objects.

How To Remove Dents From Wooden Furniture And Floor

This repairing technique is quite simple. Add a little bit of water in your steam iron, at voilà, you’re ready to start!

So, once you fill your steam iron with water, get an old shirt, or cotton towel. Then, pour some water on the area you want to treat. Be careful not to exaggerate, so covering the dent with water would be enough. Next, cover the dent with the old shirt or towel, allowing the material to absorb the water. Turn on the iron at the highest temperature, put it on the dented surface, still covered with the damp cloth, and hold. Now, turn on the steam option and start to make small circular movements, back and forth. Or simply, start ironing the furniture. In the end, firmly press the iron until the material is completely dry.

By now, the wood fibers should absorb the water, spreading to where there have been originally positioned. If necessary, add more water and repeat the process. Continue to do so until the dent is flat again, matching the surface level of the rest of the material.