People who care about their weight, usually choose rice instead of bread or fries. But, you’re not doing any good to your health, if you cook it in the wrong way. Recent studies show that millions of people around the world threaten their health by wrongly cooking this grain.


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According to many researches, poisons and pesticides, such as arsenic, can remain in the soil for decades. When present in huge quantities, they penetrate and retain in the rice that grows in that soil.

Arsenic And Other Harmful Substances Can Be Found In Rice

For years, scientists have been arguing about the permissible amount of arsenic in the food we eat, and when does it become dangerous to the human health. As we already know, chronic exposure to arsenic leads to a series of health problems, such as problems in the development of children, heart diseases, diabetes and in some cases even cancer. Therefore, a number of researches and experiments have been carried out to determine the right way of cooking rice, so that it’s safe for our health.

Professor Andy Meharg, from the Queens University in Belfast, tried to cook this grain in three different ways, in order to remove the arsenic from its content.

The first method is adding one part of rice and two parts of water, leaving the water to evaporate during the cooking. With this method, the level of arsenic remains same.

The second method is adding one part of rice and five parts of water. When done cooking, drain it and remove the excess water. This cooking method reduces the amount of arsenic in half. It’s kind of promising, right?

The third method requires you to soak the rice in water overnight. Surprisingly, the levels of toxic substances are reduced by 80 percent!

How Cook Rice In The Right Way

The first thing you should do is weigh the dry rice and put it in a bowl. Then, pour water in the bowl, in a proportion 3:1, and soak it overnight. In the morning, rinse it well, until the water is crystal clear. Next, strain it, to remove excess liquid. Put it in a cooking pot, with three times the quantity of water. Add a little salt and stir. Allow it to boil. Then, lower the temperature and cover the cooking pot with a lid. Cook at a low temperature for 10 to 15 minutes, without lifting the lid. In the end, stir it with a fork and let it rest a bit, until the moisture evaporates. Serve and enjoy!

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