Most people admit that they don’t change the bed linen as often as they should. This is completely understandable. Bedding does not come first into mind because of the busy everyday schedule people have. But, you have to admit. There’s no better feeling than the one when you sleep in a bed with clean and fresh sheets.


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If You Don’t Change Your Bedding Regularly, It Can Affect Your Overall Health

Besides the unpleasant odors, experts have found that sleeping in old bedding can also have serious consequences on the overall human health.

While we sleep, we sweat and our skin releases natural oils and dead skin cells. There’s nothing unusual about this, it’s a completely normal process. According to Mary Marlowe Leveret, an expert in the field of cleaning and fabric care, we can find many bodily fluids and shed skin cells in the fiber of the bed coverings. She also states that the dirty sheets make people more vulnerable to infections, especially if they have scratches or open wounds. Moreover, different fungi can transfer through the fabric. And we all know how difficult it is to treat fungus and to get rid of it!

What’s also worth mentioning, is that if you avoid washing your linen, you can affect the other parts of the bed as well.

Mary gives us a very good example of this. Namely, if you don’t change your sheets and pillow cases regularly, you’re allowing fluids and dead skin cells to pass onto the pillow and the mattress. Aren’t they much harder to clean than the bed linen itself?

Experts advise us to change the bed linen once a week, and to wash it thoroughly.

However, the vast majority of people continue to wash and change their linen once in every two weeks, or even less, once a month. But, changing this habit is not very hard. It’s highly likely that they’ll change it when they find out what’s hiding in their sheets!

In the following video, you can learn how to perfectly make your bed!

Good night!

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