Eggs are a very tasty and nutritious meal. They contain proteins and a large number of vitamins and minerals, and can completely replace the intake of meat. They are easy digestible, with a relatively low caloric value. If properly stored, fresh eggs can last from 4 to 5 weeks, after purchase. But, hard-boiled eggs are edible only for several days after cooking. Surprising, right?


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If well cooked, the consistency of the yolk will be “hard”. Sometimes, it can have a slight discoloration, in the form of a greenish ring. This is a result of the sulfur and iron reaction in the egg, which come to the surface if you cook it for too long, or at high temperatures. However, this does not affect the taste, and sometimes it comes as a convenience, as it’s easier to peel off the egg.

How To Boil An Egg Perfectly

Thanks to the eggshell, boiled eggs retain all their nutritional value. Here’s an advice on how to properly cook them.

Place room temperature eggs in a cooking pot, in one row. Add cold water, about three inches above the surface of the eggs. If you add salt in the water, it’ll be easier to peel them off later.

Cover the cooking pot and bring the water to boiling point, at a high temperature. Once boiling, leave it for about 2 minutes, and then turn off the heat. Leave the cooking pot on the hot plate for another 10 to 15 minutes.

Then, put the eggs under cold running water, to cool them off. Store them in a clean plastic container, to avoid absorbing other food odors from the fridge.

A fresh boiled egg is harder to peel than the one that is 7 to 10 days old.

Is The Egg Fresh?

Before cooking, do the following test.

Put the egg in a glass with water. If it falls to the bottom of the glass, or if it’s turned to the top with its narrower part, it means that it’s fresh. If the egg is floating, you should throw it away, because it’s too old, or it may be spoiled.

If the egg lies somewhere in the middle of the glass with water, even though not completely fresh, you can still eat it.

How Do You Store Eggs?

Fresh eggs, stored in the fridge, can last 4 to 5 weeks. The eggshell is the first line of defense, so be careful not to crush it. If the eggshell is cracked, the egg is not good for eating.

Hard-boiled eggs spoil faster than the fresh ones. The cooking dissolves their protecting cuticle, and therefore, it lays open the eggshell pores for bacteria to enter.

Two hours after the cooking, you should put the eggs in the fridge, so they can stay edible for up to one week.

Hard Boiled Eggs Don’t Stay Fresh As Long As You Think They Do