Cuticle is a inflammatory process in the nail bed, and is formed by rupturing  the narrow part of the skin that covers the nail matrix. Cuticles arise because the nail is growing much faster than the skin around the nail. The skin around the nail is pulled and it begins to crack and create sores.


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The cuticles swell and become much reddened, with severe pain accompanied with breaking.

If the inflammation is left untreated, it can spread under the nail, which further increases the pain. In addition, the skin can become infected and purulent occurs which can result in loss of the nail.

How To Treat The Cuticles On Your Nails

Do not cut the cuticles

Dermatologists say there is no good reason for cutting and removing cuticles. Cutting the cuticles can lead to infection or irritation. If you remove the cuticle, this space is wide open for a variety of bacteria.

Push the cuticles

If you want your nails to look beautiful, you do not need to cut the cuticle, but gently push it with a gadget intended for it.

Avoid aggressive manicure

Most people visit a dermatologist when there are sore red spots in area around their nails or when an infection on the cuticle occurs. If you get manicures regularly, you should mention to your manicurist that you would like your cuticles to be gently pushed.

Stay away from agents that dry the skin

Your nails, hands and the skin around your nails can become dry from regular use of dishwashing detergent and acetone based nail polish remover. Therefore, specialists advise to wear gloves during household chores and to use nail polish remover without acetone.

Do not bite your nails

In your mouth there is an enzyme that is present in your saliva that breaks apart your skin. You will get an infection if you bite your nails and cuticles. If you have a habit of doing these things, it’s time to stop.

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