You can find cabbage on the market all year round. Besides using this widely available ingredient to make fresh salads and for cooking, you can also use it to make sauerkraut, which brings many potential benefits for the human health.


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Sauerkraut is in fact finely cut cabbage fermented by different types of lactobacillales, or lactic acid bacteria. These gut-friendly bacteria make this traditional recipe an excellent probiotic, which can improve your and your family’s health.

The Health Benefits Of Sauerkraut

Besides its characteristic sour taste and long shelf life, this finely cut cabbage has many health benefits, valuable to the human organism.

100 grams of sauerkraut contain about 15 mg of vitamin C. Also, it is a good source of folic acid, vitamin B6, iron, sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, protein and dietary fiber. Thus, it’s highly recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

When you have a choice, it’s always better to choose red cabbage over green, as it’s richer in nutrients, and therefore, has more powerful healing properties.

You can use sauerkraut to treat some of the following health problems and diseases.

1. Digestive Problems And Toxic Load

This finely cut, pickled cabbage is in fact fermented food, naturally rich in probiotic cultures. Therefore, it’s very beneficial for the treatment of diseases caused by an imbalance of the intestinal flora, especially after an antibiotic therapy or chemotherapy.

Sauerkraut helps improve digestion and the intestinal microflora, and has soothing effects on the stomach and intestines. You can also eat it to help digest fatty meals and to speed up your metabolism, which in turn stimulates the excretion of toxic substances from the body, and helps clean and regenerate the liver.

2. Blood Lipids And Obesity

Sauerkraut is an excellent source of dietary fiber, which is associated with lower levels of blood lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides. Also, when included in your regular diet, it can help you fight obesity and reduce excess weight.

3. Inhibit Cancer Growth

Due to the fermentation process, this ingredient contains substances that inhibit cancer growth. In different studies its effects have been tested on prostate, bladder and colon cancer.

4. Suppress Inflammation

The antioxidants and beneficial bacteria in sauerkraut can help you get rid of the free radicals in your body and combat inflammation. Consuming it on a regular basis can help you reduce the risk of arthritis and heart disease.

5. Immune System

Due to its rich vitamin C content, as well as the gut-boosting bacteria, sauerkraut makes the immune system stronger and more resilient to diseases and infections. Also, it helps accelerate the healing process of damage tissue and wounds.

6. Brain Health

It is said that sauerkraut can help improve the functioning of the nervous system and brain. Namely, some studies show that the bacteria it contains can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s diseases and depression.

Sauerkraut Recipe

This is a recipe from my grandma. For the preparation, you’ll need the following ingredients:

– 2.5kg cabbage (2 heads)
– 80g of salt
– 2 bay leaves (optional)
– 1 teaspoon of black pepper grains (optional)
– 2-3 piece of quince, for color

Wash the cabbage leaves and finely cut them into thin ribbons. Transfer the cabbage into a plastic bowl and add the salt. Stir so that it combines. Squish and knead the cabbage ribbons for about 5 minutes, until they release liquid. At this point, add the spices (if you’re using).

Transfer the cabbage, along with the liquid, into glass jars and add water. Make sure than the cabbage is evenly covered. Add fermentation weights and close the jars airtight. Allow it to ferment at room temperature for about a month. Then, move it to a cold place, like the basement, and store it at a temperature, not more than 5⁰C, for about 2 months. Et voilà! Enjoy the delicious treat!

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The health benefits of sauerkraut