Dry and cracked hands in winter are very painful and unappealing condition. Low temperatures, strong winter wind, and various chemicals that we use in the household are the biggest skin enemies. Therefore, it’s extremely important to keep your hands regularly nourished with creams, masks, and balms, so they remain soft.

natural hand cream

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The hands and face are parts of the body, which are exposed to negative external influences. If we add to this the fact that the skin on them is poor with sebaceous glands and natural fats, it is clear that it requires regular and special care, in order to maintain the flexibility and beautiful appearance. Lack of vitamin can also be the cause of rough and dry skin.

Without adequate protection and care, dry and chapped hands appear and the skin in that area is often prone to scaling. In cold months, this condition worsens due to its persistent exposure to low temperatures, humidity, and wind. Hence, it is very important during the winter to protect your hands with warm gloves that will prevent these negative effects.

If your hands dry and crack easily, then you should use mild natural remedies every day. Find out how to make the perfect hand cream that heals and protects your hands from dryness and scaling.

Natural Hand Cream For Dry And Cracked Skin

For 3.53 Fl.oz (100 grams) of hand cream, you will need:

  • 30 ml. almond oil or argan oil
  • 20 gr. cocoa butter (you can use shea butter as well)
  • 20 ml. hot water
  • 8 gr. Bee’s wax
  • 30 drops of essential oil of lavender (or optional)


In a large bowl add the bee’s wax, cocoa butter, and almond oil. Then, place them in a heat resistant cup and put this cup in a bowl filled with a small amount of hot water. Stir the ingredients well until they dissolve completely. Then, add the essential oil, and stir once again.

Leave the ingredients to tighten by cooling and you will get a fine creamy texture. To get a perfect consistency you can use hand blender and pulse. Transfer the hand cream to a small jar with a lid. Keep it at room temperature for up to three months. Use it whenever it’s needed.

Reference: Luxurious Homemade Lotion Recipe
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