The Public Health Agency in England (PHE) conducted a study, in which Wi-Fi has shown to have a very bad influence on the development of plants and also on the human health.


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Nowadays, it is really difficult to imagine life without Wi-Fi devices and the convenience they bring us. In order to connect our wireless devices – phones, tablets and laptops, to the Internet, we use routers, which have switches that emit electromagnetic waves, or WLAN signals. However, these very same waves or signals can be hazardous to the human health.

The previously mentioned research showed that routers badly affect the environment that surrounds them. The consequences of excessive exposure to Wi-Fi include:

– Continuous severe headaches
– Chronic exhaustion
– Insomnia
– Pain in the ears
– Difficulties staying focused and concentrated

However, this is the 21st century, and technological development cannot and should not be avoided. But, this does not mean that we should not protect ourselves from the potential threats that this technology poses to our health. Namely, the main thing we can do here is to somehow try to defend ourselves from the destructive impact of this new technology. For starters, try not to sleep in a room where there are a lot of devices.

Tips That Can Help You Reduce The Damaging Effects Of Routers And Wi-Fi

Here are some helpful tips that can keep you safe from the unwanted effects of Wi-Fi networks. All in all, by using the router properly, you will significantly reduce the harmful effects of the electromagnetic waves on the body.

– Unplug the devices whenever you’re not using Wi-Fi
– Before going to bed, turn off all Wi-Fi software
– Avoid placing the router in your kitchen or bedroom
– Instead of wireless or mobile phone, try using a corded phone in your home