The Himalayan salt lamp is the most natural and healthiest artificial light source. With evaporation, they radiate negative ions and thus protect against electrosmog, which is a radiation of the electromagnetic waves of the wireless technology and electricity.

himalayan salt lamp

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The soul of the salt lamp is a crystal mined from the Himalayas, composed of Himalayan crystal salts, which contains 84 different kinds of minerals. These very same minerals, in the same composition, can be found in human blood, tears and amniotic fluid. The inside of the crystal lamp is illuminated by a light bulb, whose light ranges from pinkish-yellow to dark orange.

By heating up, the crystals of the Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions that improve the overall mental and physical human health. Besides that, these lamps are very decorative.

Himalayan salt lamps create a microclimate, similar to the one next to mountain streams or after spring storms, and they are a fantastic source of negative ions that improve the air quality in the rooms where they are located. Negative ions also help remove bacteria, they vitalize, increase the capacity of oxygen in the blood, improve metabolism, eliminate fatigue, power up concentration and alertness, increase resistance to diseases. They are especially beneficial in treatment of insomnia, headaches, depression, asthma, allergies, and many other ailments.

If we put a Himalayan salt lamp near the TV or computer, it will absorb the harmful electromagnetic radiation. The effects of its salt crystals are recognized even by the modern medicine, as the healthiest artificial light source. When this lamp is placed in the bedroom, it contributes to better sleep, and while on the working desk, it will help improve concentration and memory.

Electrical appliances fill the air with positive ions, which are very harmful to the human body. These ions cause fatigue, loss of concentration and sleep disorders. Himalayan salt crystals constantly radiate negatively polarized ions, and thus protect us from electrosmog.

Himalayan salt lamps are produced in different sizes, due to which can be quite heavy, and the number of crystals in them varies. Lamps weighting from 13 to 22 pounds are sufficient for rooms of 50m2. A lamp of salt crystals is a beautiful decoration, one of the favorite Feng Shui details, and it is unavoidable in halotherapy. These lamps should not be used outside of your home, in an open space, and they need to be protected from moisture. Hence, always clean them with a dry cloth. It is preferable to keep the Himalayan salt lamp on wooden surfaces. Also, it is worth mentioning that each lamp is unique and handmade.