Extra virgin olive oil has always been and will be used for many purposes: for beauty treatments, nutrition, different natural remedies and so on. What makes this oil a superfood is the high level of monounsaturated fats it contains, especially the oleic acid, and its various antioxidants.

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Learn why you should start consuming  1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil every morning.

Here’s Why You Should Start Taking 1 Tablespoon Of Olive Oil Every Morning
1. Anticancer Effects

Extra virgin olive oil is very helpful and has protective effects against cancer. In the Mediterranean countries, where this oil is used as a main ingredient in the preparation of many dishes, the cancer rate is very low. This is an oil that has many antioxidants, which protect the cells from free radicals. Also, the oleic acid has a positive effect on the genes, related to cancer.

2. Alzheimer’s Disease

A research, conducted at the University of Louisiana, in the city of Monroe, shows that oleocantal, a compound found in olive oil, can increase the production of the LDL lipoprotein and glycoprotein. Also, this compound aids the removal of amyloid plaques and helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease from happening in the first place.

3. Blood Pressure

A study, published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, showed that the participants with high blood pressure were able to reduce the intake of drugs, thanks to the consumption of 30 to 40g of olive oil every morning.

4. Blood Sugar

This oil has the ability to reduce the risk of developing diabetes. In addition, it’s very helpful in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, when you take it in parallel with your therapy. Every morning, take 1 tablespoon, on an empty stomach. Besides ingesting it, you can also use it externally, as a natural remedy for the treatment of diabetic foot.

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