Milk is a specific food that should be well kept, to avoid spoilage. That’s why it has specific storage space in the fridge. If you store it inadequately, it may spoil and pose a threat to your health. To be more specific, it can cause many problems in the process of digestion, which are not harmless.


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So, yes, people usually store milk in the fridge. But, the question is, do you store it properly?

How To Properly Store Milk In The Fridge

It has happened to every one of us – to put milk on the top shelf of the fridge, or on the fridge door. But, do you know that this is the worst place for you to keep milk? Moreover, do you know that it can get you sick?

If you just put the groceries in the fridge, without taking care of what goes where, you should stop. You need to be better informed and avoid making some common mistakes.

One of the biggest problems in arranging foods in the refrigerator is how to arrange the top shelf and the door. While you can use this space for many different products, it’s not advisable to store dairy products here. To understand this storage problem, you should know that the temperature in the fridge is not everywhere the same.

The top shelves and the door are usually a bit warmer. So, it’s best to keep high-risk foods away from them. It’s better to keep dairy products at constant, low temperatures, to be able to preserve their quality longer. Hence, store them in the lower, colder sections of the fridge, and if possible, in the back area.

By storing milk on the lower shelves, to the back of the refrigerator, you reduce the risk of multiplying bacteria, which can potentially harm your health after consumption.

So, if you are asking yourself for what use is the fridge door then, here are some great ideas: jelly, jam, juice and other products with natural preservatives; condiments like ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, soy sauce, etc.

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