A big night out awaits you, or some important meeting at work, and when you stand in front of the mirror, there’s this big pimple. The big spot stares right at you! The timing cannot be worse! And, the first thing that comes into mind is: pop it!


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But, try to resist the temptation, do not pop the pimple. According to dermatologists, it’s really bad to squeeze your spots. It can trigger the occurrence of infections, damage the skin and cause permanent scars, which are difficult for treatment.

What You Need To Know Before You Pop A Pimple

Acne and pimples appear in several shapes and sizes. You can see them in the form of blackheads, pimples with white head, zits, red bumps and cysts. Whichever pimple we have, we’re always tempted to squeeze it, to reduce the swelling and get back our perfect complexion. But, for the benefit of our skin, we should resist this!

Acne and pimples affect all ages. Children, teenagers and adults. In the long term, squeezing the spots can cause many complications. As we already mentioned, it can leave scars on the skin and it can even cause infections and discoloration.

Simply put, acne form when the sebum, a natural skin oil, is unable to penetrate to the surface of the skin, and it remains trapped under it. In some cases, it can even disrupt the natural dying process of the cells in the surface layers of the skin. This can further lead to an excessive skin desquamation, where the micro particles can reach the channel pores of the sebaceous glands and physically disrupt the normal release of sebum. Then, the sebaceous secretions will start accumulating in the skin, inside the blocked channels, creating favorable conditions for the development of bacteria. Propionibacterium acnes is a bacterium normally found in the skin, but under these conditions, it multiplies uncontrollably. So, when you squeeze a spot, you squeeze out the sebum, damaging your skin. Or you can force it even deeper.

In doing so, any surface bacteria can transfer inside the pimples, which can further cause an infection and redness. Often, the result of this “invasion” on the skin is permanent holes and scars.

In your war against pimples, your strongest ally is a dermatologist. If you don’t go to cosmetic salons for facial treatments, at least you can take an advice on how to deal with skin spots.

How Do Professionals Pop Pimples

If you’re decided to pop your pimple, at least do it safely. Wear gloves, use a sterilized needle and remove its content entirely, with the help of a tool called the comedone extractor. Just follow these steps.

  1. Don’t squeeze the pimple too early. When the pus is near the surface, forming a white head, it means that it’s ready for draining.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and warm water, and clean the nails.
  3. Sterilize a needle with a lighter and then wipe it with some rubbing alcohol.
  4. Clean the spot and your fingers with rubbing alcohol. Wait for it to dry.
  5. Position the needle in parallel to your skin and gently prick the white head.
  6. Carefully squeeze the pimple with your fingers, pressing around the white head. Or, you can use a comedone extractor.
  7. If you have difficulties getting out the pus, the spot is not yet ready. You should stop immediately!
  8. Apply rubbing alcohol at the very end.

Also, there’s always the option to use makeup, to conceal the acne and spots. But, make sure to use noncomedogenic makeup that won’t additionally block your pores.

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