Colonoscopy is an examination that allows the doctor to examine the inner lining of your intestine. You should know that this examination is painful, but in many cases necessary. One should do it once in his/her lifetime.

Why Colonoscopy Is Such An Important Exam

Colonoscopy is required because it allows the doctor to see the inside of your intestine and whether there is any problem. For example, it’s not enough to do bowel ultrasound to make sure that you have cancer. It is necessary to examine the inside of the intestine.

This examination is unpleasant and painful. Usually it’s done consciously because it’s easier for the doctor if you tell what you feel so he/she was sure that there isn’t an intestine that can burst. However, it can be done and under anesthesia.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that this exam can carry some risks such as bleeding, perforation, dehydration, inflammation of the bowels, etc. In case you decide you don’t want to do it under anesthesia, there may be some complications therefore you need to listen to the doctor all the time.

Don’t make sudden movements even in panic because you can certainly affect the whole process. It may come to injury as well. Of course, the equipment for this procedure has to be clean and correct, to avoid any contamination or any false results.

In some cases, this examination is inevitable, as we said at the beginning. Consult with your GP about your condition and the risks that brings this type of examination. But if you need to do it, don’t refuse it after all colonoscopy can save lives and prevent cancer.

Reference: What Is a Colonoscopy? Prep, Procedure, Age, & More
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