We see sesame seeds almost every day on our plates, but very few of us know what does the sesame plant really look like. When seen in its original form, we might mistake it with okra, so it’s time to get to know it.

sesame seeds

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What sesame can heal and do for your health, very few plants can, so make sure to include it in your diet, if not already.

If you add sesame seeds in most of your meals, you are doing a big favor to your organism. Black sesame, white sesame, red or brown sesame… the different varieties of sesame differentiate in color and are full of protein and oil.

While brown and black sesame are placed on the market unpeeled, white sesame can be purchased unpeeled, peeled or in the form of a thick paste, known under the name tahini.

Vitamins A, B, E, lecithin, niacin, and many minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium… all of these are found in sesame seeds and speak by themselves about the value of this powerful plant, very small in size, but with gigantic effects on health.

What Can Sesame Seeds Do For Your Health

Dental Disorders
Sesame strengthens our teeth and acts on improving the health of the mouth, teeth and gums. Its use reduces inflammation, infection, strengthens the teeth and tooth enamel, helps prevent creation of dental plaque, and it also promotes removal of toxins from the body.

Strengthen The Cardiovascular System
Sesame helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Sesame contains two very unique compounds, from the group of lignans – sesamin and sesamolin. More and more studies show the importance of sesame in strengthening the human organism and its function in the fight against free radicals. People suffering from breast cancer, colon cancer, throat cancer… should increase their intake of sesame seeds, as it is one of the main ingredients that support the fight for better health against these diseases.

Skin Health And Beauty
Sesame oil relieves irritation, and with its contents rich in vitamin E and zinc, it promotes better skin health and improves elasticity, slows down the process of aging, prevents dehydration and premature wrinkles.

When locally applied on hurting and injured areas, the sesame oil shows great effects in relieving pain. It is recommended for numb, poorly bleeding tissues and for poor circulation.

Regular consumption of sesame seeds reduces impotency, works on improving and stimulating the vital functions, and on strengthening the reproductive tissues.

Menstrual Cycle Regulation
It helps regulate the menstrual cycle and it is therefore recommended to be an integral part of the diet during the premenstrual period. It reduces menstrual pain and relieves the symptoms of PMS.

Stronger Bones
Sesame is rich in calcium, and its heating capacity and ability for deep penetration into the tissue, further emphasize its importance in maintaining the strength and health of our bones. It is specifically recommended for people who suffer from osteoporosis.

Nutritional Tonic
Sesame has properties of a light laxative, hence it helps regulate digestion, it affects the health and movement of the bowels, as well as the health of the entire digestive system.