Traditional Eastern medicine treats certain health problems with the help of acupressure points on the head. This treatment removes headaches, promotes memory and concentration while calming the nerves. According to this tradition, there are many acupoints on the head.


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Headaches are one of the most common problems that people around the world face almost every day. Basically, these conditions are “passing easily”, so there is no particular reason to worry.

However, periodic and severe headaches can interfere with day-to-day activities, and the only solution is to drink a painkiller. In such situations, we rarely try out natural solutions, which are a healthier and more efficient way for the body.

Putting pressure on certain points of the neck or head, you can come up with similar, if not better results than those achieved by taking painkillers.

Pressure Points For Instant Headache Relief
Third eye

The point “third eye” is placed between your eyebrows, in the exact area where the nose stops and the forehead starts.

Pressing this point will soothe the headaches, eye pain, and any inflammation around that area. This pressing point improves focus and stimulates the entire mind.

Yingxiang point

This point is also called “facial beauty” and it is placed at the end of your nose near your nostrils and at the bottom of the cheekbones.

By pressing these two points, you will get fatigue relief, nasal decongestion, eye pain, and toothache relief.

7 points series

In this case, it is not a single point, but a series of seven points. The line starts from the forehead region and extends above the ears and ends on the occipital bone. Each of these points is distanced from one another by one finger width.

You should press these points all at once to achieve the desired effect. If you gently massage these acupressure points, they will relive the headaches and migraines but also remove the face tension.

If you are long-term migraine sufferer you should give acupressure a chance, you will be surprised with the results.

You can also try Shiatsu face massage, that is presented in the video down below:

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