If you think that you need a “prince on a white horse” for a happy and long life, you’re wrong!  At the annual American Psychological Convention, the social psychologist Bella DePaulo presented the results of more than 800 different studies, which analyze the marital and solo life of the respondents. The results showed that single women and men are more social, more confident and happier.


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Namely, the results of the joint survey show that single people better connect with others than married people. Professor DePaolo also says that an increasing number of people choose to be single because it allows them to live a better, longer, more authentic and more meaningful life.

These results certainly show us that single people are far from lonely, poor and unhappy.

Here’s Why Single Women Are Happier

Single women have more time to go to the gym, they are more independent and financially more stable. They have more time to spend with their friends and family, so there’s no place for loneliness here. A life without a marital partner can also be filled with good things and happiness. Here’s what recent research shows us.

1. Single Women Are More Physically Active

When you’re more physically active, you look better, right? But, it’s not only about appearance. Health and well-being are also improved by regular exercise.

2. Solo People Eat Healthier Foods Than People In Unhappy Relationships

Science tells us that single people eat healthier foods than people in bad relationships. So, despite the common belief, seems like single people are not the only ones drowning their sorrows with comfort foods such as pizza and ice cream.

3. Those Who Are Single Are Less Stressed About Money

Not only do they have less debt than couples, but single people care less about money. Also, single women tend to earn more money than married ones. And of course, less financial problems lead to a happier life.

4. Single People Are More Independent And Self-Sufficient

Some studies show that single women feel a lot better than married ones. They use their time much better, feel more independent and self-sufficient, and tend to be happier.

5. Single People Can Better Maintain Their Non-Romantic Relationships

Friendships tend to last longer among single people than among married. Both, single men and women, enjoy more time with friends and family than those who are not solo.

6. Women Who Are Solo Are Happier Than Married Women

Unfortunately, today’s society is still ruled by sexism, gender roles and a culture of rape. Thus, it’s not surprising that single women are happier than those in marriage, because married women often struggle to stay equal in an unequal world.

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