Whether you’re showering at night, to relax before bedtime, or in the morning, to wake up before going to work, this is a perfect moment for you to have a little more time for yourself. Here we show you a simple trick that will improve your showering experience. Namely, all you need to is a hang a few eucalyptus branches in your bath. You’ll enjoy your self-time even more, for sure!

fresh eucalyptus

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Health Benefits Of Hanging Fresh Eucalyptus In Your Bath

Eucalyptus is a very powerful herb, known to have abilities to relieve the problems with the respiratory system. Its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve the airways of the throat and nose. Putting fresh eucalyptus in your bath, will make it very easy for you to harness its amazing healing properties.

Hang a couple of fresh eucalyptus branches next to the steamy bath or shower. The steam will activate the beneficial oils of this herb, creating an exothermic mint reaction. The eucalyptus steam will clear your congestion and inflamed airways in a minute!

In addition, recent studies show that the eucalyptus essential oil has antibacterial properties, which help eliminate the pathogenic bacteria in the upper part of the respiratory tract.

Moreover, eucalyptus is very good for the health of your teeth. Did you know this? For example, a chewing gum, containing eucalyptus extract, promotes the periodontal health. This fact has been confirmed by a study, issued by the Journal of Periodontology. The study’s investigation has been mainly focused on the effects of chewing gum (with eucalyptus extract) on gingivitis and periodontal tooth disease.

So, the next time you’re about to take a shower, hang a few branches of fresh eucalyptus. Its strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties will help you relax, improve the health of your skin and calm your airways, by eliminating the accumulated phlegm. Moreover, it’ll improve the overall response of your immune system.