Today, more and more primiparas are between 30 and 45 years of age. The modern woman, before she becomes a mother, first wants to finish school, then get a job, solve the housing problem and get to know her partner. But, what about the women’s ability to conceive at an older age? Do you know how to determine your fertility window?


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To avoid missing the last ship, experts advise women to do a fertility test in time, and estimate their number of eggs. These analyzes show how much time you have left until you cannot get pregnant anymore.

How To Test Your Fertility                  
1. Checking Your Hormones

This is determined on the basis of vaginal ultrasound and laboratory analysis, in which the patient’s hormone profile is checked.

Both methods work during the menstrual cycle. To determine how fertile a woman is, there are blood tests, at a certain stage of the cycle. Hormones on the 2nd or 3rd day of the cycle are checked, and on the basis of these analyses, the OB-GYN calculates the ovarian reserve, or the number of egg cells that are needed to get pregnant.

2. Doing An Ultrasound Check

The woman’s fertility is further determined on the basis of vaginal examination and ultrasound, which are also performed during the menstruation.

The ultrasound examination estimates the number of follicles in the ovaries, or the so-called number of antral follicles. They are first seen as small black spots, only several millimeters big, which under the influence of hormones, grow, burst and give ovulation. This is the most important parameter that establishes the ovarian reserve.

And last but not least, you must be aware that the number and quality of egg cells decrease with age. And, there’s no mechanism that can prevent their biological degradation. A regular menstrual cycle is a good signal that everything is fine. However, it does not mean that a woman with regular menstrual periods has a neat hormonal profile and a good ovarian reserve. Therefore, if you’re planning to get pregnant, it is best to consult your gynecologist. Check the health of your ovaries and learn what are your possibilities.

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