Ginger water is a tasty and refreshing beverage, which is very beneficial for the human health. It helps in weight loss, purifies the body of toxins, protects against infections, treats inflammations, soothes pain, and it’s very efficient against nausea, motion sickness and vomiting.

ginger water

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Due to its beneficial properties, ginger root is often associated with healthy diets and weight loss. Namely, thanks to its composition, it significantly affects and improves digestion, enhances the metabolism and helps treat constipation.

Medicinal Properties And Health Benefits Of Ginger Water

Ginger originates from Asia, and its rhizome, or simple called ginger root, is commonly used as a spice. It’s a rich source of minerals, such as potassium and phosphorus, and vitamins like niacin and vitamin C.

Ginger is the root of the Zingiber officinale plant that originates from Asia and is used as a spice. However, a wider and more important use has been for centuries for centuries. Significant source of minerals of potassium, phosphorus, niacin and vitamin C.

Even though it’s primarily used to treat digestive problems ginger water is the key to many health problems. Here are some of them.

1. Strengthen the body and overall immune system
2. Promote weight loss and get rid of belly fat
3. Faster recovery from common colds and flu
4. Relieve nausea and nervous stomach
5. Soothe stomach pain
6. Relieve menstrual cramps
7. Soothe the nervous system
8. Relieve stress
8. Increase gastric juice production
9. Stimulate digestion and intestine work
10. Promote circulation
11. Treat arthritis
12. Relieve joint pain
13. Relieve muscle cramps
14. Prevent Alzheimer’s disease
15. Manage glucose levels and diabetes

Morning sickness and frequent vomiting are very characteristic and common for pregnant women in the first trimester. Be careful when it comes to consuming ginger water during pregnancy, as some health experts connect the plant with miscarriage. Thus, it’s best for you to consult your gynecologist prior use.

How To Make Ginger Water At Home?

Ginger water is in fact a cold ginger tea. Grate a little bit of ginger, enough to fill 1 tablespoon. Put it in a teapot, along with a cup of water, and bring it to boiling point. Remove the teapot from the heat and allow the tea to cool down. Drain it and store it in the fridge for a few hours. Et voilà, your ginger water is ready to drink! You can add a little bit of honey, to sweeten the drink and indulge your palates.

Note: You can also use ginger powder (2 teaspoons), but I prefer the freshly grated ginger root instead.

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