Lower back pain, or lumbago, can happen suddenly, or develop gradually. Like most problems with the back, lumbago comes from an injury of the musculoskeletal system. Usually, it’s as a result of a pulled muscle or ligaments.


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Causes Of Lumbago

This type of back pain is usually triggered by lifting heavy weights, sudden movements, long sitting hours in an incorrect position and poor body posture. But sometimes, it can also occur without any clear trigger.

Degenerative disorders of the spine, such as deterioration of the vertebral discs, can also cause lower back pain. Other health conditions that may cause lumbago are inflammatory diseases of the spine, fractures, osteoporosis and tumor.


The problems with the lower part of the back are often accompanied by tension and pain in the muscles, and reduced mobility. The symptoms can often manifest in the form of difficulties while walking, standing, sitting down and standing up, putting on shoes or socks, etc. All of these difficulties are accompanied by pain, which may be weaker or stronger, intermittent or constant.

People who suffer from lower back pain often remain stiff in one position, usually turned forwards, or sideways. The problems may intensify when coughing, sneezing, or in any other exertion. The situation may further complicate if the pain spreads down the legs, below the knee, which is known as sciatica. The direction in which the pain will spread depends on the nerve that’s been pinched.

Also, instead of pain, sometimes the feeling may be numb. Numbness, accompanied with an impaired sense of touch in one, or both legs. In other cases, the affected person may experience muscle weakness, and thus have difficulties walking. The biggest concern with this problem is that lower back pain may be chronic, and may last from several days to several weeks.


Yoga is one of the best ways to relieve the pain in the lower back. The yoga instructor Vytas Baskauskas demonstrates a 5-minute exercise that’s very beneficial when it comes to relieving the tension in the lower parts of the body. Hence, if you experience lower back pain, watch the following video and start stretching!


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