The market is full of chemical products for pest control, which can resolve the problems with cockroaches in no time. But, most of them have drawbacks. For example, some of them remove the cockroaches only temporary, and after a while, they reappear. Others have an unpleasant odor, while most of them contain chemicals that are dangerous for the health of both, humans and animals.


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Luckily enough, there’s one proven natural pest control product that will help you get rid of these domestic pests for good.

Homemade Pest Control Product Against Cockroaches

In order to make this natural pest control product, you’ll need one egg and about 50 grams of powdered boric acid. This is a weak acid with a strong base, which is not toxic and is usually used for disinfection. Powdered 3% boric acid can be found in almost every pharmacy.

Mix the egg and boric acid, to get a thick paste. Make small balls of the resulting mixture, approximately 1 cm in diameter. Wait until the balls are dry, and scatter them around the house, putting them in corners and places that are difficult to approach. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom, near the drains, and make sure that the places where you put them are visible for the cockroaches.

The cockroaches won’t feel these boric balls, but they will certainly approach them out of curiosity as soon as they see them. And, the moment they touch them with their antennas and legs, they will be disabled. They’ll either end up dead, or will be paralyzed, so you can throw them in the trash. And due to the balls disabling their communication too, they won’t be able to warn other cockroaches of the danger.

The good thing about these balls is that they are not harmful to humans or animals. Therefore, you can safely use them in houses where there are small children and pets.

In about two weeks, your home will be cockroach-free! But, as a precaution, keep the balls in their place, and from time to time, replace them with new ones. As sometimes, the cockroaches might leave eggs, and in a couple of months, you might end up with new generations. For your information, from an egg to an adult cockroach it takes about 100 days. This is when the struggle begins again.