In order to get rid of the pain in your chest, back and feet, you cannot just rub and pinch the aching areas. You need to massage them effectively. So, what happens when your back hurts and there’s no one around to help you alleviate the unbearable pain?

tennis ball

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Even though it might sound weird, try to have a tennis ball always at hand. It proves to be quite handy and effective when trying to self-massage the aching areas of your body and relieve the tightness and tension.

In the article below, we show you the top three ways of how to ease the pain in your chest, back and feet, only by massaging yourself with a tennis ball.

When Your Lower Back Hurts From Sitting, Get A Tennis Ball

Lie on your back and put a tennis ball between the right side of your body and the floor. Position the ball an inch above your right hip. Bend your knees and put the feet on the floor. Transfer most of your body weight on your left leg. Start moving up and down with your body. Do you feel how the ball is rolling parallel with the line of your spine? Move upwards until the ball reaches your tailbone and then switch moving downwards. Repeat the exercise ten times up and down, and then shift to the left side.

When Your Chest Ache And Feel Tight From Typing On Computer, Carrying Kids, Or Lifting Weights

Do this massage after showering, when the muscles of your body are relaxed. Lean against the door of your bathroom, or any other door, and place a tennis ball on the right side of your body, at the top of your chest, about 2 inches below the collarbone. Press against the door and breathe deeply for about a minute, and then roll the ball horizontally, to the middle of your upper chest, for about 2 minutes. Continue breathing. Repeat on the other side.

When Your Feet Ache From Standing Too Long Or From Running

Sit straight on a chair and press a tennis ball with the plantar of your right foot, for about 2 minutes. Then start rolling the ball, from your toes to the heel, applying light pressure. Roll 10 times up and down with the right foot, and then repeat the entire treatment with your left foot.