Physiotherapists have found a new way to help you keep your stomach flat and tight. As it turns out, this can be achieved by the use of a plain thread, tied around the waist. What this thread actually does is tone the muscles of your stomach, and keep it flat and tight without doing any exercises in the gym. Plus, it contributes to improving the posture of your body.


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According to experts, a tied thread around the waist will repeatedly remind you to constantly contract your abdominal muscles and keep them tight.

Tie A Thread Around Your Waist

Here’s what you need to do:

Draw-in the muscles of your abdomen. Take the thread, exhale to half capacity, and tie it around your waist. This way, whenever you exhale, you will feel the thread pressuring you on your waist. Try keeping it as much as you can throughout the day. While walking, sitting, and standing, at work and at home. It will secure you the much desired flat stomach, and it’ll also improve the posture of your body.

You can do this exercise throughout the entire day, and it is as effective as any other exercise done in the gym. Some people even say that it’s more effective than exercising three times a week.

Physiotherapists say that this is a simple method that will help you achieve the desired results without any financial costs, and without consuming your precious time.

For more details, watch the video we have shared below.