When we notice a swelling that suddenly appears on palms, joints or fingers, we mostly think that it’s some kind of an injury, insect bite or from work. This may be the case, but this phenomenon may also be a sign of a serious health problem.

ganglion cyst

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Such is the case with a swollen wrist. This is a ganglion cyst that many people have it and are not aware of.  A ganglion cyst can appear at various places on the hand, and it can be of different size.

What Is a Ganglion Cyst And  Why It Appears

A ganglion is a benign cyst filled with fluid that most commonly occurs on the surface of the palm or on the inside of the fingers. As we have already said, the cyst can be of different size, but it can be either soft or firm to touch. It can remain the same size for years, and then just get bigger in a few days and multiply on different areas.

The good thing is that it is a pure benign cyst and that it won’t become a tumor. However, it can still make life difficult for anyone who gets it. If you suspect you have this type of cyst, it’s definitely good to contact an orthopedist.

The appearance of a ganglion cyst is hereditary but it also is caused by injury, muscle stretching, or poorly healed bone.  Also, if you have problems with your wrists, you can develop this type of cyst. In the risky group are also people who often use the same movement of the wrist (say, musicians, gymnasts, and people who work on a computer. Anyhow, according to doctors, women are more prone to it.  Generally speaking, people who use computers can encounter with this phenomena due to constant typing.

To get rid of the ganglion cyst you can try this simple home trick. What you need is an elastic bandage and a rubber (eraser). You should place the eraser on the affected area and wrap it around with the elastic bandage. Once you’ve done that, secure it with safety pins. Leave it overnight, and in the morning remove the bandage. You can repeat the procedure till you are satisfied with the result.

Reference: Get Rid of a Ganglion- Painlessly
Ganglion cyst
Picture by Wikimedia