The skin of fruit and vegetables can be used as a natural remedy for many ailments. Often without guilt we throw the peel of kiwi, potatoes, bananas, apples and oranges.You will be surprised when you hear that the peel of these fruits contain more vitamins of the fruit itself!

fruit peel

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Do you know how to use the peel of fruits for the beauty and health correctly?  Read and find out!

How To Properly Use The Peel Of These Amazing Fruits

Banana peel

Banana peel can be your health assistant. Its shrinking action has a positive effect on gut diseases and bleeding wounds of different origins. Banana peels can be applied to bruises and contusions. They are also useful for relieving the swelling as well as for removing the warts, and can be used as a natural face and neck scrub.

The skin of kiwi

Kiwi skin contains three times more antioxidants and fibers. It has anticancer, anti-inflammatory and anti allergic properties. If you decide to use kiwi peel you should wash it out thoroughly.

The bark of pumpkin

The bark of pumpkin contains a lot of zinc. It has excellent defensive properties. Pumpkin bark can also be used to improve health and fight fungal infections and parasites. It also contains carotene that prevents eye diseases.

The bark of pomegranate

The bark of the pomegranate contains over 20% of tannin and therefore it can be used as an effective natural remedy for diarrhea. It contains up to 17% of ash and alkaloids, isopelletierine, and pseudopelletierine. Pomegranate bark is used as a remedy besides for diarrhea, for intestinal infections, parasites, and shigellosis bacteria as well. Some people do not tolerate the taste of pomegranate bark, because it has a harsh, disgusting and a nauseous taste.

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